Thursday, August 6, 2009

Considering the State of the World (economic, social, environmental): Global Revolution is Our Only Hope

As you are reading this... so are others around the globe. Some readers are sure to be better off than others but most who see this are obviously affluent enough to have access to a computer used for their leisure. This message is intended to inspire action from the relatively well off people of this world on behalf of the masses who toil in the factories, fields, and strip mines -- and also for those who are suffering from the ravages of war & famine. The number of such persons (in the hundreds of millions) may surprise you. Please find your own sources of these numbers but don't forget about the billions more who are doing menial labor under the worst of conditions. Even outright slavery still exists at an incredible level -- and these are the people who need your active support. In a very real sense we need a modern slavery abolitionist movement -- why would anyone be silent about such basic matters of justice and dignity? You may have more power and influence in this regard than you realize.

And, even if you are relatively well off, the socio-economic system is threatening the well being of of you and your loved ones. The threats may appear economically in the near future or environmentally a few years down the line. But have no doubt... the dominoes have already started to fall and you stand somewhere in that line. Even the most affluent are effected as governments become more oppressive and the environment is laid to waste. Even in the wealthiest states... poverty and homelessness are spreading. Too often we ignore the suffering of others, the growing abuses of government, and the degradation of the environment (at our own peril). These are the things that lead to war and the world can no longer afford industrialized warfare.

We must unite internationally and revolt against the oppressive governments everywhere. It can be done.

The leaders of the world's largest economies will be meeting in Pittsburgh, Penssylvania (USA) on September 24-25, 2009. The group known as the "G-20" (more formally known as the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors) are the people most responsible for the global economic crisis which has been brought about by the promotion of greedy, unsustainable, and irresponsible consumption.

The international significance of this meeting provides good reason for people to unite in protest around the world against these corrupt, short-sighted, warmongering oligarchs. The recent history of this meeting (along with the G-8) has already been filled with widespread protests around the world. Modern communication systems now enable us to organize the largest international general strike in the history of the world. (Call in sick with the swine flu and your bosses won't even want you to show up to work! And instead of going to work those days... take to the streets!)


At the very least you can repost the link to this message and/or send it to someone who may be more interested in the subject (you do not need to mention where you found it or give RT credit to the person who brought it to your attention). Even better... you could copy this text to your own blog or to a forum (as the original post might be censored in some way). Copy the text and forward the new links!!! You might be surprised at how influential you can be and you could help bring this to the attention of someone like @aplusk or @oprah or @50cent or @tmorello -- you never know who may want to take a stand and radically change the world -- or you might just pass this on to a small but effective group that works to similar ends. The communication technology is in place to make a global & revolutionary general strike possible.

The main thing is to participate! SPREADING THE WORD IS ESSENTIAL but we also need to TAKE TO THE STREETS if we really want to make some changes. A march may already be planned in your city or you might call your friends and the local radio station to MAKE ONE HAPPEN.

Across the political spectrum, more people are realizing every day that the system is not working for them in the long term. The military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the financial system, the consumerism... all these things are working against the masses of the world and all these things must be overthrown.

Finally, I'd like to close with with a few mentions of some radical perspectives...

ADBUSTERS magazine: Doing great work with "True Cost Economics"

Derrick Jensen : Author of "Endgame" & "The Culture of Make Believe"

Ward Churchill : Author of "Pacifism as Pathology" & "Agents of Repression" & "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens"

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